Bennet (ID-1762)


I graduated in 2002 with a degree from The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School; the only school to have produced an actor that three times won Best Leading Man at the Oscars. Classically trained, I have worked consistently in film, theatre, and with voiceover work, and pride myself on consistency, accuracy, and energy.

I come from the South of England, and have a love of physical theatre and vocal work, especially accents. A longtime collaborator with the Crazy Christmas Cabaret, I also have a good time with comedy and character acting. I have settled in Denmark and have two young sons, who I hope will help me to continue to improve my Danish language skills (though I think they will always pretend not to understand when I tell them to tidy up).

Speaker characteristics

Age: 40 - 50 years Gender: Male
Language: English, Genre: Advertisement, Documentary, Voice Over

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