Scott (ID-46)


I trained for three years at the Drama Centre, Chalk Farm, London and from there wen on to do theatre, West End musical ('Blood Brothers'), television and some film. In 1987 I started to do voice-overs, a cartoon to be exact and then on to BBC Radio 4 playing the lead role in 'Citizens' and also other dramas such as 'The Sea-Wolf' and 'The Betrothed' etc.

I'm good at accents!

Since moving to Denmark I have been involved in theatre, writing and acting in comic-satire at Kafcafeén for example. Also television, commercial, voice-over and training videos for large companies such as Carlsberg, Lego, Ikea, Coca-Cola, Gosh, McVities Biscuits and many others. I also have a children's book published, 'The Eagle and The Child'.

Speaker characteristics

Age: 50 - 60 years Gender: Male
Language: English, Genre: Dubbing, E-learning , Advertisement, Documentary, Voice Over

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