Marcus (ID-1735)


Hi, I'm Marcus, voice actor of passion. Flexitarian, text-eater, German without accent.

Be it a tech-savvy e-learning course, a phantastic tale for children and so called "grownups" or your friendly IVR voice. There are so many opportunities where my voice can brighten up your content. Especially if it's well written and thought out.

Since 2010 I'm offering my service as a voice actor. Normally I speak German but back then my first job was in English, for "Waze", a navigation app. If you use it, look for the voice "Boy band", then I will give you sung instructions that guide you to your next destination. It's still in it after all these years! :D

The majority of projects I've contributed my voice to in the last years were e-Learning courses, business presentations and explainers of all kind and for various companies, big names and small names. I could boast about it here but I spare you the name dropping because it really shouldn't affect your choice. Either my voice fits to your specific project or it doesn't.

It's an individual subjective decision you have to make.

Working with me is easy. Give me a little spec sheet how you want your script recorded and I'll do my best to deliver.

Speaker characteristics

Age: 30 - 40 years Gender: Male
Language: German, Genre: Advertisement, Documentary, E-learning , Voice Over, Profile

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