Speak for telephony systems

Speak for telephony systems at Multimediestudiet

Did your company acquire a telephony solution based on Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Aastra, Trio, Solidus etc., but lacks the professional voice to guide and inform your customers?

Let us help. We have 20 years experience in producing audio for that kind of telephony systems. Based on your manuscript we record the desired phrases (text messages) and name them, so it is easy for you to navigate in.

We deliver the desired phrases in precisely the audio format that your particular phone system requires, and ensures optimal volume levels and quality in relation to the specific system. Our technicians have deep knowledge of the various call flow and therefore know the methods for how your phone customers are properly informed. For all recordings we perform, we have a strong focus on intonation, tempo and the right ‘smile’ in the voice.

Does your company have a good internal voice which is preferred, or do you want to use one of our many professional voices for that purpose?. Both options are naturally a possibility at Multimediestudiet.