It is with good and clear sound in your ear that you get the full pleasure of a podcast. Are you sure that your recording is of the right quality?

Podcasts at Multimediestudiet

In order to fully benefit from a podcast it requires that the whole recording process is professional - which includes recording in a 'sound dead' room so unnecessary noise is avoided, the right voice, a professional microphone and proper editing and mastering of the recording.

At Multimediestudiet we have a soundproof speaker box, high-end microphones, professional voice talents and skilled audio technicians so your podcast will hit the mark. Our many years of experience and understanding of recording techniques and guiding give us all the prerequisites for working professionally with the recording in the editing and mastering process.

We offer both single and dialogue recordings (between 2 people at the same time).

Podcasts quite briefly

  • A podcast is an audio recording you can hear whenever you want.
  • Many people refer to podcasting as on-demand radio - that is, radio when it suits you.
  • There are no limits to length. A podcast can be two minutes short or three hours long.
  • You can listen to podcasts on your mobile, iPad or computer.
  • Podcasts can be used in many ways: as a communication tool, for good storytelling, for creating great listening experiences, for sharing knowledge in a company or as a branding.
  • Originally, the name is a contraction of the words iPod and broadcasting, but later the term "pod" has changed meaning to "Personal On Demand", so "podcasting" means "Personal On Demand Casting".