Audio description

Speak for the blind and visually impaired at Multimediestudiet

Multimediestudiet collaborates with film companies and public service channels to make audio description (or visual interpretation) for various productions - primarily in Danish.

In addition, we cooperate with skilled speakers/interpreters in the field who are able to create and record good and descriptive manuscripts for visual interpretation. Proficient speakers/interpreters are the prerequisite for the audio description to be a good experience for the users.

What is audio description?

Audio description is a service for the blind and the visually impaired, where an "interpreter" describes what is happening in the picture and thus allows to follow the movie or documentary without being able to see.

It is made as a special audio track, which is sent simultaneously with the image of a movie or TV show.

The "intrepreter" describes what you can see (not hear) in the program, almost like an audiobook. Eg. describes the angry look between two people, a car chase or a beautiful sunset. That way, the blind and visually impaired can keep track of the program, even though they can not see the pictures. The descriptions are made such that they do not interfere with the original sound of the broadcast.

Movies and television are important sources of information, entertainment and learning, but the blind and visually impaired only get a small benefit from these media. Audio description has been around for several years, including in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Audio description (or visual interpretation) benefits the blind and severely visually impaired, as well as the even larger group of people with a slight visual impairment. In addition, a large and complex group of elderly people with impaired vision, dyslexia, developmentally impaired and children who can enjoy this service.