Making a difference

Multimediestudiet tries each year to provide financial support to projects which serve a good purpose. In 2020, we decided to support Danske Hospitalsklovne (Danish Hospital Clowns) and their efforts in creating magical moments for sick children.

A friend when it's most needed

Danske Hospitalsklovne is a charity association that has existed since 2003. Their headquarters are located in Copenhagen, but they work throughout the country. They visit children and families in all together 22 children's departments and institutions for children and young people, including child psychiatric daycare and day care centers.

For Danske Hospitalsklovne, their most important task is to create a safe and positive experience for the child in the hospital. The hospital clown transforms the hospital room into a warm place full of play and magic, and together with the child creates a universe where everything is possible. The child has a colorful and familiar friend who can open up the child's desire for play, but also for a talk of thoughts and concerns that may occur with a hospitalization. The hospital clown is a safe hand to hold when life hurts.

Multimediestudiet supports Danish Hospital Clowns