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Multimediestudiet provides production of speak for e-learning, audio booksradio and TV commercials, audio description (or visual interpretation)voice over, and voice response in more or less all languages. Get inspired by reading and listening to a selection of our productions here.

Each area requires its own special voice - find your favorite among our many voice talents via our speaker search.

What have we been up to recently?

Prior to the cinema premiere of the Danish family movie "Hodja from Pjort", Multimediestudiet, in collaboration with the Danish Film Institute (DFI), has been responsible for the recording of the audio description of the film. Dorthe M. Hansen has written the actual script and both Dorthe herself and Louise Hansen are acting as voice talents.

Multimediestudiet has been responsible for the technical part of recording the voices in our speaker box based on the time-coded script. After that, the sound has been optimized and processed for use on mobile apps so that it plays synchronized with the movie's other audio in the cinema.

Multimediestudiet has been responsible for the audio description of the Danish family movie ¨Hodja fra Pjort¨.

What is audio description?

Audio description (or visual interpretation) is a service for the blind and the visually impaired, where an "interpreter" describes what is happening in the picture and thus allows to follow the movie or documentary without being able to see. It is made as a special audio track, which is sent simultaneously with the image of a movie or TV show.

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