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How are you doing? 

Kay Xander Mellish is the author and narrator of the audio version of the book 'Working With Americans: Tips for Danes', which has been recorded in Multimediestudiet. It is a very entertaining guide to business co-operation between Danes and Americans.

Here is a short excerpt from Chapter 5:
"......One perennial complaint of Danes who do business with Americans is the necessity of small talk.
Why, they ask again and again, do Americans say, How are you doing? when they really don’t want to know how I am doing?
My response is always this: How are you doing? is not a question, it is a greeting, much like Go’ morgen or Go’ weekend. When you say Go’ morgen, nobody wants to hear that it is not in fact a good morning, that you ran out of cornflakes and the bus was late and your dog threw up all over the carpet last night so the living room smells awful.
All they want to hear is Go’ morgen in return......"

Tips for Danes - by Kay Xander Mellish

Excerpt from from the introduction:
"As an American who has lived in Denmark for more than 10 years, I’m often asked by my Danish clients for tips on how to work better with their American colleagues.
It’s usually the smartest people in the organization who ask the question. Others seem to assume that because they speak great English and have watched every episode of their favorite US TV series that they have a handle on the American culture and way of doing business.
As the great American composer George Gershwin once titled a song, It ain’t necessarily so......"
Kay Xander Mellish Copenhagen, Autumn 2019

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